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Mueller Electric manufactures grounding and bonding straps, clips, and cable assemblies.

This catalog highlights our most popular designs for painting and powder coating, but we serve other industries, too.

If you don't see something you need, just ask (we probably have it!).

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Is it time to evaluate your grounding process again?

Often companies spend millions on a new coatings line but are still getting a bad ground.

The right grounding straps will result in cost savings across the board, from less wasted paint or powder to a reduction in scrap.

We have both ready-made and custom design options, and are happy to send you samples to test with before you ever commit to buying.

Mueller Electric has a huge inventory of ready-made grounding straps as well as a huge selection of options for custom design. We have options that meet OSHA requirements as well as UL Listed parts.

Sometimes unique challenges call for customized solutions. Mueller Electric manufactures custom cable assemblies made the way you want.

Grounding Options for Painting & Power Coating Catalog
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