About Us

Who We Are

We are Mueller Electric, the inventor of the Alligator Clip.

Since 1908, we have transformed from being the inventor of the electrical test clip to one of the world’s leading suppliers of alligator (crocodile) clips, custom assemblies including grounding assemblies and sensing leads, as well as other electrical components.

Based in Akron, OH, we are celebrating our long history of 115 years in Northeast Ohio along with our impact on innovation and industry around the world

Mueller Electric building exterior

Our History

Mueller Electric is responsible for creating and developing some of the most easily recognizable metal clips and clamps in use today, including battery charging clips for car jumper cables as well as the well-known alligator clip. The original Mueller factory in downtown Cleveland was built in 1922 and is now on the National Register for Historic Places. It was here that Mueller employed 48 women who put together as many as 85,000 clips per day.

During World War II, Mueller Electric produced 41 million clips and all of them were needed by every branch of the United States military. Every battleship had a large supply of Mueller clips for electrical repairs. These clips weren’t just for repair purposes, either. In the US Navy, every single life jacket (totaling over 1.2 million of them) was equipped with a flashlight held high on the shoulder by a Mueller clip to alert rescuers in case of emergency.

Over the years, the company gained worldwide recognition for producing high quality products in industries that include transportation, oil and gas, aviation, automobile, industrial automation, military and construction. Mueller Electric has continued to be a leading manufacturer with capabilities for custom products including cables, grounding assemblies and sensing leads, as well as other electrical components including an array of clips, test leads, jacks, plugs, terminals, and connectors that make up our current product offering.

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