The medical industry is highly dependent on a wide variety of advanced equipment and applications that utilize many of the clips, test leads and accessories as well as custom built cable assemblies that Mueller manufactures. We stock and sell many different types of clips as well as test and measurement products to medical manufacturers and distributors. Mueller understands the flexibility and precision required for medical parts and has provided out of the box solutions to many in the industry.

Our Products In Action
Mueller manufactures numerous medical electrical components: custom cables for home and hospital devices, plungers for cardiac procedures, components for medical kits and trays, hooks and clips for hanging IV bags and clips and insulators used on medical monitoring equipment. Custom assembly is available for all critical equipment components with specific custom requirements.

Cables for the Medical Industry

Mueller builds custom electrical components for a wide variety of medical devices: pericardiocentesis kits, pacemaker kits, medical monitors, home galvanic units and diaphragm pacing regulators. Mueller parts are found in biomed facilities, hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices and in patients' homes.

Click here for our parts and descriptions currently used in the medical industry!

BU-M001 Universal Adapter Clip 4mm Pin Size
BU-M002 BAnana Electrode Connectors 4mm (10 pieces/ set)
BU-M003 Laboratory Adapter Clip 4mm
BU-M004 Electrode Aligator Connectors (10 pieces /set)
BU-M005 Universal Clear Choice Adapter Clip 4mm
BU-M006 Wire Alligator Adapter Clip 6" (4mm socket)
BU-M007 Wire Snap Adapter clip 6" (.125 socket)
BU-M005 Universal Clear Choice Adapter Clip 4mm
BU-M009 H3+24 HR 5-Wire 3 Channel Patient Cable (27")
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