Mueller Electric works with a number of companies that produce products and components for the battery and battery charging industry. Our products are used in a wide range of battery charging cables, clips, and assemblies as well as the battery manufacturing processes. As the world moves toward green based solutions, battery development will continue to evolve and grow in significance in the realm of renewable power options. Mueller Electric is here to help innovate and provide new products and components to meet the new challenges that come with this ever-evolving industry.

With regard to the groundswell for battery charging and battery manufacturing needs, Mueller carries a wide range of clips and charging assemblies perfect for any application.

Electrical and Battery Cables for the Automotive Industry

Charging applications can vary from project to project, as well as product to product, and Mueller has the ability to manufacture custom designs which will fit any unique application. With local manufacturing, Mueller has the ability to work closely with customers to understand specific battery cable needs. We can react to any unique design with prototypes available in a very short amount of time. This allows our customers to get a jump on their competition and take the lead in meeting their customer’s requirements.

For battery manufacturing, Mueller provides a wide range of battery charging clips and custom assemblies designed to withstand most caustic environments. We have the ability to provide clips that are fully insulated to shield connections from chemicals and other caustic agents to allow for accurate test readings throughout the manufacturing process. These battery charging clips can be as small or as large as needed and can handle a wide range of amperage requirements as deemed necessary. Additionally, we work closely with battery manufacturers on test and measurement products used heavily in the battery manufacturing environment.

We offer the battery charging and battery manufacturing customer with a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom built products, providing a great selection of long lasting high quality clips and assemblies. Customers in this industry have enjoyed the benefits of working with us for years and will continue to enjoy our capabilities for years to come.

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