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Mueller Electric offers a selection of hundreds of instrumentation cables, including factory automation cables, such as Nanos, Minis and Micros; M12s, M8s and M5s; Robotic; Control; Coaxial; Motor; and many more. Mueller Electric manufacturers high-quality instrumentation cables that are less expensive than Turck, Allen Bradley or Memcon. If you're having lead-time and cost-competitiveness issues, Mueller Electric can step right in.

Check out our full line of factory automation cables HERE in our NEW, updated factory automation catalog.

Mueller Electric serves many different industries and provides instrumentation cables to the following:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Transportation
  • Military & Defense
  • Medical

Contact Mueller Electric if you are manufacturing automated equipment or want to keep the machines you have running in a budget-friendly environment. Our focus is on providing top-quality products at a great value for our customers in today’s complex industrial climate.

Automotive Factory Automation

M12 Cables & Types of Connectors


As industrial automation continues to advance more and more equipment will require components such as sensors, actuators, frequency converters, motor operated switches and more. M12 instrumentation cables from Mueller Electric will fill all the connection needs.

Mueller’s M12, M8 and M5 cables offer 3, 4, 5, 8 and 12 position male and female assemblies in straight and right-angle molding types for a wide range of factory-automation connection requirements and are versatile and easy to install.

M12 Instrumentation cable assemblies from Mueller Electric are available in PVC, PUR and TPE insulations and can serve A-coding, B-coding, D-coding and X-coding applications from stock. A wide range of sizes are available from 3 feet to 65 feet, giving you the flexibility to obtain the right custom cable assembly perfect for your instrumentation applications.

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Circular M12 and 1/2"-20 cordsets and receptacles are available in a variety of pin configurations and wire color codes.

MICRO-DC / M12 -- A-Coding
The Micro-DC (MDC) series, perhaps known better as micro-changes or M12, is one of the most widely used industrial quick disconnects by the industrial market. These connectors can be used in both AC or DC applications. Uses of M12s in industrial automation are limitless, but are commonly used in factory automation for sensors, actuators, motors, switches, safety light curtains and mats, and interlock switches.

EURO-AC -- B-Coding
The EURO AC (MEC) series has a reversed single keyway which is known as B-code. This allows 2 unique M12 connectors to be mounted on the same panel without fear of incorrectly coupling connectors to equipment with varying voltage and amperages.

MICRO-AC -- C Coding
The MICRO-AC (MAC) series uses a ½”-20 mating thread and has a first make last break extended ground pin. The use of a double keyway (C-code) prevents it from accidentally plugging into one of the other similarly-sized connectors.

ETHERNET -- D-Coding
M12 Ethernet series (MDE45) utilizes 4 wire (D-code) connectors with 2 pair Cat 5e cables or M12 8 wire (A-code) connectors with 4 pair Cat 5e cable. The MDE45 is specifically used in industrial Ethernet applications and has real cable using twisted pairs of wires inside. D-code is for 100-Mbit Ethernet.

ETHERNET -- X-Coding
X-coded instrumentation cables are becoming more popular as they are used in Ethernet 10-Gbit environment. The X-coded type connection is becoming more and more popular for high-speed industrial Ethernet and will eventually replace the A- and D-coded parts for Ethernet applications.

Instrumentation Cables

Standards, Ratings & Custom Orders


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Mueller Electric's circular instrumentation cables meet IEC standards and carry an IP67 waterproofing rating or higher which means they can handle tough environmental conditions. Being dust-tight and submersible to 1 meter in water for up to 30 minutes, these cables can perform in a wide range of applications on land and around water. Each cable is quality-made and tested, allowing you to use them with assurance in conditions that involve dust or humid and wet conditions.


With a high degree of mechanical and electrical stability, our M12, M8 and M5 cables provide a cost efficient and flexible plug-and-play connectivity solution for onsite installations. This decreases downtime in process control and industrial automation applications.


Check out our online instrumentation configuration catalog HERE, offering hundreds of cables for any use.

Use the Cable Configuration Key on page 2 to select the cable you need.

STILL DON'T SEE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? We also create custom cable assemblies for your specific needs. Contact Mueller Electric to discuss your requirements.

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Factory Automation

Benefits To Buying From Mueller Electric

  • Lower cost than Turck or Allen Bradley cables
  • Fast delivery
  • ALL types of instrumentation cables available: M12, M8 and M5; Flexible; Robotic; Control; Coaxial; Motor & Others
  • Cables work with sensors, actuators, frequency converters, motor-operated switches and more
  • ALL cables have IP67 or IP68 minimum dustproof or waterproof ratings
  • Available in 3, 4, 5, 8 and 12 position male and female assemblies in straight and right-angle molding types (for a wide range of factory-automation connection requirements)
  • Available in PVC, PUR & TPE insulations
  • Can serve A-coding, B-coding, D-coding and X-coding applications from stock
  • Available in a wide range of sizes from 3 feet to 65 feet, allowing you the flexibility to create the perfect custom-cable assemblies
  • Flexible plug-and-play connectivity solution for onsite installations, decreasing downtime in process control and industrial-automation applications
  • Industry-standard, screw-locking mechanisms


Get instrumentation cable quotes and answers here.

Contact us to find the cable(s) just right for you and your business. With hundreds available, we can narrow it down to the ones that will work best for you or even custom create cables for your unique needs. Being in business for 112 years, Mueller Electric has become the electronic expert industry leaders have come to trust!

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