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As the inventor of the crocodile clip, Mueller Electric is responsible for the creation and development of some of the best-known metal clips and clamps in use today, including charging clips for car battery cables and ground cables for liquid storage and electrostatic paint lines. Clips are used in a wide range of test and measurement applications. Mueller Electric now offers the world's largest range or crocodile clips for industrial applications.

Over the years, Mueller Electric's product portfolio has expanded and is now a leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical connectors, sensor and actuator cables, cable lugs, test leads, patch cords, temporary protective grounding and cable assemblies for many industries.

Mueller Electric assures high quality and consistency in manufacturing our products for over 100 years and achieves excellence in meeting today's rigorous demands for certifications. Let us simplify your buying process and excel in meeting your demands. Our product is available and ready for immediate global shipment.

Our Mueller Electric Europe office customers and distribution network are located in Europe, East Asia, Middle East, North Africa, and South Africa. We look forward to providing you with high quality electrical and electronic components, testing, and cable assembly to meet your demands.  

Our current customers are located in United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, South Africa.  

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