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Protective Grounding Application Brochure
An overview of Mueller's protective grounding equipment specially designed for the utility industry.

General Grounding Application Brochure
An overview Mueller's general grounding applications, products and expertise

Static Electricity Hazards, Generation and Grounding in Industry
All objects, either conductive or non-conductive, have an electric charge. Objects that are connected to each other by a good conductor have the same electric charge, at least at a point near the connection. Objects with the same electric charge cannot produce an electrostatic discharge (ESD), i.e., a spark.

How to Make Sure Your Environment Is Properly Grounded
Everyone wants a safe work environment. One of the workplace hazards are explosions and fires due to static discharge, but these can be mitigated by grounding equipment. Proper grounding is the only way to ensure true static protection if you are in any environment where the potential for static discharge exists.

Questions to Determine If Your Paint Line Needs Better Grounding
Have you noticed lately that your paint line isn’t producing the quality it once did? Are your substrates weighing less as a finished product? Are your thickness measurements showing less versus more? Have you noticed more overspray in your paint booth? Are your robots wearing more paint than your substrates?

Top Considerations for a Custom Paint Line Grounding Assembly
So you’re considering if you need a custom grounding solution for your automated paint/powder coat line, but you still have questions and concerns. You’ve probably evaluated all your alternatives and realized it may be time to update your grounding process, and maybe you've even read our whitepaper on Static Electricity and Grounding in Industry.

Signs It's Time To Update Your Grounding Process
When trying to determine the cause of problems encountered with electrostatic painting, it can be confusing. The problem is often solved by updating the grounding process, however this simple solution is often overlooked.

Painting Plastics Transfer Efficiency Guide
Painting Plastic Components with Greater Transer Efficiency

Painting Metals Transfer Efficiency Guide
Painting Metal Components with Greater Transfer Efficiency

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