Mueller Electric’s “EZ-Squeeze” Heavy Duty Crocodile Clip

Squeeze Clip Information Sample

Is it a clip with a center spring or is it a plier style?

It’s both! The EZ-Squeeze is a variation on a center spring clip, but it squeezes like pliers.

The EZ-Squeeze is easier to open because it uses 75% less pressure to open as a center spring clip and it retains the same clamping pressure.

The benefits of this heavy-duty crocodile clip are that it can replace a center spring clip, and anyone can open it. The EZ-Squeeze reduces hand fatigue and is much easier to use for people with limited hand dexterity. In-stock and available for immediate shipment from our US, UK, China warehouses.

Mueller Electric’s EZ Squeeze Clip

Steel Clip BU-21AEZ and Copper Clip BU-21CEZ

Mueller Electric’s SS Grounding Cable With EZ Squeeze


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