M12 L-coded Cables:  The Solution For Connecting Your Machines & Improving Productivity

As the manufacturing floor requires more power and the floor space is the same, the L-code cables are smaller than the 7/8” standard plus deliver more power.  L-coded cables and receptacles are used in industrial communications, industrial machinery, robotics, conveyors and other material handling, industrial control and factory automation, test equipment, I/O connectivity, sensors and actuators.

Why the new M12 L-coded vs. the standard M12 A-code?

  • M12 L-coded cables require 40% less space
  • M12 L-coded cables up to 80% more power that the 7/8-16UN connectors
  • M12 L-coded cables prevent mismatching connectors with different voltages
  • M12 L-coded cables provide a secure connection for increasing power applications with Industry 4.0

The Power of Mueller Electric’s L-Coded M12 Cables

  • High Current-Carrying Capacity
    L-Coded M12 power cables can handle power-hungry devices with ease and no voltage drop worries.
  • Enhanced Safety Features
    L-Coded M12 power cables ensure high-power devices connect, reducing risks of damage or accidents for your equipment and personnel.
  • Compact and Space-Saving
    Save valuable space in tight installations. The M12 design is perfect for your compact machinery and control systems.
  • IP69K Protection Rating
    Environments that have dust and water are no issue. L-Coded M12 power cables stand strong against harsh environments – indoors or outdoors
  • Durability and Reliability
    Keep downtime and maintenance costs low with these L-Coded M12 power cables to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring smooth power flow.
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