Mini Test lead Adapters for PC Board Test, Repair & Development

Having the right tool always makes the job easier. This is particularly true when working with circuit boards at the component level. Many engineers and technicians rely upon these useful miniaturized adapters to perform their test, repair and development work. If you’re lacking any of these helpful tools, Mueller Electric’s kit provides a convenient solution. Eight micro-tool adapters have been grouped into one Micro-Scale Kit, held neatly in a fabric Velcro wallet.

One end of each micro-tool plugs into any standard test probe. The opposite end of the micro-tool is the miniaturized instrument.

The Micro-Scale kit includes:

  1. Standard probe to magnetic end
  2. Standard probe to insulated alligator clip
  3. Standard probe to insulated hook grabber
  4. Standard probe to insulated plunger
  5. Standard probe to battery current measurement probe
  6. Standard probe to insulated needle probe
  7. Standard probe to insulated male breadboard pin
  8. Standard probe to insulated female breadboard pin

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BU-P5519A Premuim Test Lead set AND the

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