Protect Against Workforce Challenges With M12 Automation Cables

M12 Connectors

Automation technologies pave a path forward for profitability and overcoming employee shortages and supply chain issues.

Robots and machine vision are helping to stop disruptions in business and produce products faster and more efficiently for manufacturers.  Implementing automated processes for applications including assembly, machining, inspection, dispensing/sealing, and welding companies can improve efficiency, increase output, and grow revenue.

Our automation cables ensure your employees can safely and effectively maintain and troubleshoot these systems. Our automation cables come ready to install with existing manufacturing equipment and can adapt with sensors, actuators, frequency converters, motor-operated switches and other components that are required as more and more smart factory practices come into play.
Our M12 automation cables are made in the USA and are UL listed.

Mueller Electric manufactures molded and unmolded custom assemblies and select wire harnesses built specifically to your needs. Working with our Design-Test—Go process is fast and easy.

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