THE BU-131-B


We have exciting news! We are adding many new products to our online catalog, the newest of which is the BU-131-B.

Very similar to the BU-131, BU-131-A and BU-133, this clip can be used in the same circumstances and is perfect for grounding and/or bonding of drums, machinery, large and small containers and personnel in areas containing flammables and dust. Like other clips mentioned in the BU-131 and BU-133 family, these parts provide very strong clamp pressure. 

The BU-131-B differs from the BU-131 and BU-133 in that it has serrated jaws instead of points, which make it excellent at gripping flat objects. Because of its strong clamp pressure,the BU-131-B will not twist once clamped onto an object. 

Also available is the BU-131-A, which also has serrated jaws, only on a curved base, which makes it great for gripping rounded or irregular-shaped objects. If you already have a BU-131 or BU-133 or are looking for a clip with excellent hold on unpainted surfaces,the BU-131-B will make a great addition to any tookit! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you!

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